Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's OK Thursday

In case it hasn't been obvious in other recent posts, I've had a pretty rough week.  

I know there are plenty of people struggling more than I am (see: those in the path of Hurricane Isaac, my co-worker's wife who had breast cancer surgery and a friend with a baby in the NICU).

Mindful of that, I've been careful about keeping my "woe is me" sentiments to myself.  

Also, I know I still have a pretty awesome life despite moments of pain and disappointment.  

It's time to showcase that in my favorite weekly link-up.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to take mirror selfies after a sweaty workout.
I definitely don't look my best after a run, but that's when I feel my best.
While I'm running, I often feel like I might die or wonder how much further I can go.
When I'm done, I feel strong and amazing. It's a good feeling.
(Note: That weird bump at my right shoulder is my fitbit. It's clipped to my sports bra.)


... to wish some of my facebook/twitter/blog friends lived closer.
It'd be awesome to have someone to call up at the last minute,
and have them come over to drink wine and watch "Mean Girls."
I mean, I can do that by myself too, but it'd be more fun with a friend.


 ... to check on the Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month status.
May's option -- Confetti Cake -- was the best so far.
I was underwhelmed by June, July and August.
I hope September's is a good option.


... to be sad "Teen Mom" is over.
I want to know what happens next with Maci and Catelynn & Tyler.
I don't so much care about Amber and Farrah.
 I'm anxious to see the reunion special next week though.


... that I can't stop thinking about the bacon ranch burger I had a few weeks ago.
The sign of any good burger -- when it doesn't need any extra condiments.
You can find it at Charlie Yoke's in Ames.
I can't wait to get another ... or maybe try something different.


... to be offended when someone tells me one of my hobbies is a worthless use of time.
I don't think anything you enjoy is ever a waste of time.
And I certainly won't buy that when it comes to baseball, live music or blogging.


... to be a cat lady.
I think we could learn a lot from cats.
They're independent, do what they want and truly don't give a damn.


What's OK with you?


  1. I'm so sad Teen Mom is over, too! It's my guilty pleasure show and I love Maci.

  2. Psh- anyone who thinks your hobbies are waste of time are silly! It's about doing what makes YOU happy.

    I'm sorry you're having a rough week- I hope things turn around for you soon!!

    PS- I'm craving a burger now (and yes it's almost midnight)! Thanks, thanks a lot ;)

  3. i'm so sad teen mom is over too :(
    hope you have a great weekend!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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