Monday, October 29, 2012

5 for Five


 Check out how I fared with last week's goals -- green means I succeeded, and red means I failed.

1.  Get four workouts in.
I did yoga on Tuesday and went for a walk one other day. That's it.

2. Be in bed by eleven each night.
Yep.  Pretty proud of this one.

3.  Cook dinner at home every night.
I went out to dinner with a friend on Wednesday night. 
So I'm giving myself a pass on that because I needed it.

4.  Shred junk mail/old bills.
The one productive thing I did.

5.  Finish watching "Drop Dead Diva" DVDs.
I got hooked on the "Veronica Mars" episodes on my DVR instead.


Here are my new goals for the week ahead ...

1.  Four workouts.
Sticking with this until I actually green it.

2.  Read two books.
This sounds like a lot, but I'm totally capable of doing it.

3.  Clean out the fridge and freezer.
I know there are things in there that need to go.

4.  Track WW points every day.
I was so bad about this last week.

5.  Comment on at least five blog posts each day.
I used to be so good at commenting, but I've gotten lazy lately.
And y'all have been writing some good stuff.


I'm hoping these are all green next week.


  1. 3 and 1/2 out of 5 isn't bad!! You did way better than me :)

  2. you did way better than me as well... reading two books is quite impressive... i havent done that in two months. haha. good luck!

  3. 3/5 isn't bad at all! You did a great job lady! You have some fun goals as always! I love the one about commenting on at least 5 posts a day. I've been super lazy about reading but NOT commenting and it's something I want to work on. Good luck this week, you can do it!

  4. Seriously, great job!! I love how you said you are leaving the workout goal in until you can "green it" - love the new verb, and I hope it spreads! Also, I need to take a tip from you and invest in a shredder - I've been meaning to get one for quite a while!

    Thanks so much for linking up!


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