Friday, October 26, 2012

Beginnings of a Bucket List

A few months ago, my best friend and I began talking about our bucket lists. 
I always had things in my head I wanted to do, but I'd never actually written them down.  
It was time to change that, because if you don't write them down, you can't cross them off, right?  
And crossing things off a list is so much fun.

If I had made a list a few years ago, here are a few things I could have crossed off already ...

:: Run a 5K. (I've completed four.)

:: Go to a big music festival. (I've been to three different ones.)

:: Camp out for good seats at a concert. (Waited in line for 12 hours for Gavin DeGraw.)

:: Publish a book. (I've published three.)

:: Get a tattoo. (I have three.)

:: Get a birthday serenade from a favorite musician. (I wish I had video of this. Maybe I'll have to ask for another one.)

:: Host a living room concert. (Ernie Halter in November 2011.)

:: Go to Rangers Spring Training. (Done in 2012.)

:: Meet and interview a President. (Yup.)

Those are some pretty fun accomplishments -- some I never would have imagined I would achieve.  
But the beauty of bucket lists is that they encourage you to keep dreaming and to dream big.
And sometimes, as we get older, I think we forget to dream.
Or we let go of the dreams we used to have.

My bucket list isn't very long, but I'm sure it'll grow as time goes on.  
Here's what I have so far:

:: Visit all 30 active MLB parks. (I've been to 10 already.)
:: Go on the road with a band/musician as merch girl for two weeks.

:: Be in the audience of a TV show.
:: See a no-hitter/perfect game in person.
:: See a Chiefs game in Arrowhead.
:: Become a mom.
:: Disney World. 
:: Go on a cruise.
:: Walk through a real castle.

:: Go somewhere that requires a passport.   

:: Ride one day of RAGBRAI. 

:: Stay in a lake house for a long weekend and disconnect from phones, Internet, etc.

:: See a Broadway show in NYC.

:: Go wine tasting in Sonoma or Napa Valley.

:: Go on a spontaneous roadtrip with no planning or agenda.

:: Anonymously pick up the tab for a family at a restaurant.

If anyone wants to help me cross these off, let me know!
What are some of the items on your bucket list?


  1. I was at the game where Harrison took the no hitter into the 7th. I also was at a game where three Rangers pitchers had a combined no hitter. Blasted Joe Mauer broke it up in the 9th with two outs. I've seen a Broadway show in NY. I would totally go again though!!

    I'm also up for Disney World and a cruise!

  2. We share these in common:

    :: Be in the audience of a TV show.

    :: Become a mom.

    :: Walk through a real castle.

    :: See a Broadway show in NYC.

    :: Anonymously pick up the tab for a family at a restaurant.

    Let's pick one and do it together.... Well... Minus the mom one, since it will be hard to plan like that.

  3. Hi Micah, stumbled on your blog. I agree with you that sometimes as we get older, we forget to dream. I'm sure one day you will meet 'Go somewhere that requires a passport'. I want to publish a book in future, and am impressed you have already published 3!

    Just completed a dream of mine - an iPhone app (adream) where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. If you own an iPhone, hopefully it will help you keep track of your progress in a fun way.

    All the very best, Ray

    adream - (iPhone app)


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