Monday, November 12, 2012

5 for Five


Check out how I fared with last week's goals -- green means I succeeded, and red means I failed.
1.  Complete three runs.
I only did two.
But one was my longest run ever, so there's that.

2. Clean out my kitchen cupboards.
I got rid of so much food.
I really need to stop buying food and then hiding it from myself.

3.  Write at least 10K words for National Novel Writing Month.
I only wrote 6K.
Fell off the train on Friday and Saturday.

4.  Track WW points every day.
I actually was good at this.

5.  Update my baseball blog.
Completely forgot. 


Here are my new goals for the week ahead ...

1.  Write at least 10K words for National Novel Writing Month.
I am only at 7K words for the month. 
I should be closer to 15K by now.
Time to catch up.

2. Update my baseball blog.
I haven't written anything since the season ended.
I really need to do some post-season/pre-Hot Stove thoughts.

3.  Read at least one book.
It's hard to keep up with reading AND writing.
But I need to try. 

4.  Clean out the closet in the cats' room.
Yes, my cats have their own bedroom.
With an enormous closet, which has become a catch all.

5. Catch up on my online dating communication.
I mentioned last week that I am so checked out.
But I have so many messages waiting.
I need to at least grant these men the courtesy of a "no thanks."   


What are your goals for the week?


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