Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday: My Concert Addiction - Part II

Last Monday, I confessed my love of live music (I'm sure it wasn't much of a revelation).
I also shared with you six of the artists I've seen the most.
Only five to go.
Here they are:

:: 5 ::
Tyrone Wells
Nine shows
Four states (IA, MN, SC & VA)
First show: April 2007


:: 4 ::
Tony Lucca
Eleven shows
Three states (TX, SC & IA)
First show: March 2002


:: 3 ::
John Mayer
Twelve shows
Seven states (TX, AL, IL, OK, IA, MO & NE)
First show: November 2003


:: 2 ::
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers
Thirteen shows
Four states (IA, MN, KS & TX)
First show: October 2006


:: 1 ::
Tim Stop
Fourteen shows
Three states (IA, TX & WI)
First show: July 2009


Thanks for indulging my musical love.

Have you seen any artist as much as I've seen Tim or SK6ERS? 
More times?
Tell me about your concert memories.


  1. I went to a Tyrone Wells mini concert at a local bar, and fell in love. I bought one of his cd's. Then a friend put together a charity concert and he was the key player (his wife performed too). This past summer, he played a free concert at our church, and I had NO one to go with! Everyone had plans, my husband was working, so I ended up going by myself and had a fabulous time! He is just such a great performer. Love him.

    I've also seen John Mayer perform a few times (two or three...) And even though she's famous now, I saw Adele in concert twice before she released 21 and shot to stardom. I haven't been to a concert in a loooong time. Need to get on that!

  2. Oh I'd LOVE to see John Mayer!

  3. How did I know who your #1 was going to be? I was guessing that last week. I'm socked it is only 14 to be honest!

  4. I love Stephen Kellogg. Great song choice too. :)


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