Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Monday: Tim Stop - "Open Road"

It's been a hot minute two weeks since I posted a video from this guy.  Here's one of his new songs. 

I've seen him perform it at the last few shows I've gone to, and I cannot wait until it's available for purchase. That should happen sometime after he gets back from Los Angeles, where he's working on his EP with Aaron Johnson, who has worked with The Fray, Eve 6 and Secondhand Serenade, as well as my good friend, Todd Carey. Yep, Tim is doing quite well.  I think big things are still in store for him. And I think this song kind of fits that message.

This song also fits in with my life right now. It's been rough lately, but I think big things are still in store for me too.  And I could use all kinds of prayers and positive vibes today.  Please and thanks, readers and blogger friends.

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