Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Monday: Best of 2012

Are you tired of year-end posts yet?
Well, sorry ... but I have to do this one.

As you know, music is among my greatest loves. 
It's an outlet for feelings, a window into myself and to the world, a refuge from rough times and a path to new friendships.

Without further ado, here are my favorite musical treats from the year.

Favorite albums

Tyrone Wells - "Where We Meet" & "This Love"
Yeah, Tyrone's a bit of an overachiever, huh?
Favorite songs - "Freedom," "Head Over Heels" & "You Still Love Me" (from WWM) and 
"Already Falling," "For Who I Am" & "This Love" (from TL)

Todd Carey - "The Duets Project"
Favorite songs - "Gotta Be Next To You" & "Float Away"

Meiko - "The Bright Side"
Favorite songs - "Stuck On You," "I'm Not Sorry" & "Good Lookiing Loser"

Josh Hoge - "I'm Still Here"
Favorite songs - "New Dirt," "Make a Little Room" & "Love Are You Listening"

John Mayer - "Born and Raised"
Favorite songs - "Age of Worry," "Love is a Verb" & "Something Like Olivia"

Jason Mraz - "Love is a Four-Letter Word"
Favorite songs - "Living in the Moment," "The Woman I Love" & "Everything is Sound"

Eric Hutchinson - "Moving Up Living Down"
Favorite songs - "Living in the Afterlife," "The People I Know" & "Breakdown More"

Hunter Hayes - "Hunter Hayes"
Favorite songs - "Wanted," "Somebody's Heartbreak" & "If You Told Me To"

Ernie Halter - "High Fidelity"
Favorite songs - "Love Look At Me Now," "Almost You" & "In July"

"Pitch Perfect" soundtrack
Favorite songs - "Cups" & "Bellas Finals"

Favorite singles
(songs I was obsessed with at one point or another)

Tristan Prettyman - "My Oh My"

Tim Stop - "London"

Sara Bareilles - "Sweet As Whole"

Lucas Wells - "Stronger Than Myself"

Karmin - "Brokenhearted"

Carrie Underwood - "Good Girl"


What were some of your favorites??

1 comment:

  1. OOH I love this recap of the year's music.
    My favorites this year were Sleighbell's new album, Kreayshawn, Rianna and Bruno mars!
    PS I nominated you for an award!


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