Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New things in a new year

Yesterday, I wrote about five things I want to accomplish in the new year. I guess you could call them resolutions, but I prefer to call them goals.  In addition to that, I'm going to carry on my tradition of trying three new things each year.

Let me just say right now that I really failed at my 2012 new things:

1. Buy a drink for a cute guy. -- FAILED
Boo. This has been on my list for TWO YEARS and I still haven't done it.

2. Keep a plant alive. -- SUCCEEDED
Yay!  I did this one.  I have two bamboo plants that are doing just fine.  I also had a pretty successful tomato plant over the summer.

3. Ride a bike. -- FAILED
Boo. I didn't do this one either.

I have no excuses.
I was just bad in 2012, I guess.
Now I have a clean slate.
I can be better.
Do more.

So, it's time to set three 2013 new things:

1. Buy a drink for a cute guy.
Dang it. I'm keeping this one until I actually do it.  Time to show how charming and awesome I am.  And be assertive.  I did that somewhat in 2012 ... but only online and via phone.  Time to do it face-to-face with someone.  Be brave and confident.  I'll have to get some wingwomen and get to it.

2. Take care of a child overnight.
I want to be a mom someday and while I don't know if that's in God's plan for me, it is something I want. But I haven't spent a lot of time caring for kids. I should probably do that. Any of my friends with kids want a night off?

3. Go to an Iowa State football road game.
I've gone to quite a few games at Jack Trice.  Time to take my Cyclone love on the road.  I'll pick a game and location as the season gets closer.  I would love for it to be a bowl game, but that's hard to plan for.  We'll see.



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  1. I can't help you with those but I can get you on a bike! Lol Good luck!


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