Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday: Hair Edition

In case you've only just met me, let me introduce you to my most commented-on feature ...

... my naturally curly hair.

I haven't always let my curls out to play. In fact, I straightened my hair until my senior year of college.  One day, my roommates told me they wanted to see what my curls looked like, so I gave in and tried it.  I got so many compliments that I kept the curls for good.

Okay, so I occasionally straighten it:

But that's a lot of work.

So more often than not, my hair looks like this:

People love my curly hair and are constantly complimenting me on it. I admit I don't always love it. Especially on humid days.  Ugh.  Such a pain!

Most hairstylists don't have a clue what to do with it. Some even told me, as I sat in their chair, that they had never cut naturally curly hair. Seriously.  They're lucky I didn't sprint from the chair that minute. I'm so thankful I've found a few who love it (yay Steph & Bridget).

I love checking out new products for my hair for making my curls look their best. I'm also in search of ways to style my hair differently.

So, this week, off to Pinterest I went.


I love this pin for two reasons ...
1 - I love her haircut.  Wonder if it'd work for me.
2 - She offered some great tips! I've started employing some of them -- namely the leave-in conditioner and drying my hair with a pillowcase -- and I swear I can see a difference.


Someone teach me how to do this.


This is super cute albeit really big!


Kind of similar to my last cut, right? 
But I think she wears it better.


If I could be assured my curls would look this good, I would grow them out.


It's true.
Ha ha.


Any other curly girls out there?
What are your secrets?


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  1. I'm more wavy than your gorgeous full on curls! Although when my hair is short, it looks a lot like the 3rd pic with big hair. A pillow case huh? I'll have to try that. Anything to tame the frizzies!

  2. Mine is curly and I straighten it because I think I look younger with straight hair but some of the longer styles I would do if my hair ever grows out. For you I like the top style.

  3. The straight hair looks good. I wear curvy hair as well, but i hardly make it. Maybe i can try to straighten my hair.It looks so good.
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  4. I am always jealous of girls with curls. (I know we all want what we don't have.) I love that top one!

  5. You have beautiful hair and amazing cheekbones! you are blessed!


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