Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Smart girl or cat lady?

This graphic speaks to me.

Laugh away.
This is my reality.

Need proof?
Here are a few of the pictures I've posted recently.

So, yes, I'm a smart girl.
Or a cat lady.


Either way, at least I know I'm getting a Valentine this year via the Cupid Swap!
Have you signed up yet?

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  1. I'd posted that Modern Family quote a while back...it's SO true!! Ugh. Boys!


  2. I totally hate that I feel that quote is terribly accurate except I have dogs. Well I guess I would rather be smart with dogs than dumb and stuck.

  3. Ok I love that you posted that about Modern Family, and I also love that you're watching 'Friends' in that last pic ;)

  4. Hahaha-- I love that ModFam moment. I laughed so hard when he said it! And I don't believe it's true despite it being funny. :) Oh, and I love how your cat watches Friends. He/she has good taste!

  5. How cute are your cats though? I would be taking pics of them all the time!


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