Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's in your bag?

You can tell a lot about a woman by what's in her purse, right?  
Well, I thought I'd share with you what's in mine and let you tell me what it means.

This is my purse.  

Today, at least.  
(And yes, that's a Tim Stop keychain on the handle.  Have I mentioned him on here before?  Ha.)

I have a Miche bag, which means I have one base and many shells.
I bought it through one of my college roommates. (I can put you in touch if you're interested.)
I actually have seven shells for my classic bag.  Here are the rest of them:

I love this because I can have several different looks without forgetting to transfer things from one purse to another.  We've all done that, right?  With the Miche, you just change the shell. So easy!

Once you see what all I keep inside, you'll understand why this system works for me.
So, here's what I dumped out of my purse today:

Top row
Yoga punch card
Two pens and a sharpie
Hand sanitizer
Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion
Four lip glosses/balms (there are usually two more and, yes, they're all Mary Kay)
Two perfume samplers (Dance With Me and Escada)
A perfume wand (Vera Wang Rock Princess)
Mini nail files
A hair tie (never know when you'll need it)

Middle row
A pair of earrings
Two sugar free Werther's
A small lint roller (must-have for any kitty mama)
Thumb drive (I have no idea what's on it either. I've had it since my newspaper job.)
A book of matches.  (Yep, that's a John Mayer logo. I have a whole box of them.)

Bottom row
My Maybooks planner
My wallet and checkbook
Small clutch containing feminine products (no one wants them just rolling around)

There are usually miscellaneous receipts and papers floating around too.
But I'm too vain to show those.


So, what does my purse (and its contents) say about me?


  1. I've never heard of a Miche purse, but I love the concept!! And I always have about 4-5 lip products in my purse, but inevitably, never the one I want. Haha!

  2. My wallet is about 3 times as large and I have a hairbrush and phone and God only knows what else...and yes, the receipts. OH, and during baseball season, there is always at least one Rangers napkin in there and probably a half dozen dot race forms. LOL

  3. How cute! I love the Miche purse. I feel like I need one now!

  4. As a purse LOVER, I'm incredibly nosy and always feel the need to know what others keep in their purses. Thanks for sharing!
    A lot of my acquaintances in Alaska have Miche bags. I love the theory of them, I just don't like super structured, boxy purses. I want something I can zip up and throw around. :)

  5. Your purse is so organized. Mine is a mess!!! :)


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