Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My dating disaster

I saw this link-up announcement last week, coincidentally right after I'd shared a dating story with my co-workers that horrified them.  So, I'll share it again here.


It's probably discouraged, but I'm always upfront on my dating profiles about my furkids.  I don't refer to them as that (right away), but I make it clear I have cats and that they're important to me.  I would rather not get attached to someone for whom this would be an issue.

Last fall, I went on a few dates with this guy.  On the second date, we talked about pets. I asked if he'd had any pets as a kid.  He said his family had outside cats (farm kid) and a few dogs, but no pets that were allowed inside.  I asked him how he felt about indoor pets.  He said he wasn't sure since he'd never experienced it.  I clearly stated that my cats were and would always be indoor cats.

This is where the conversation turned.

Him:  So how old are your cats?
Me:  Cleo is ten and Casey is nine.
Him:  How long do cats usually live?
Me:  I've heard of cats living up to twenty years.
Him: Oh. So how long do you think yours will live?


So I'm pretty sure he was silently hoping my cats would die soon. 

I realize this is mild compared to other people's dating disasters, but I'm still shaking my head about it.  Especially since I went out on another date with him after that.

What was I thinking?


If you have a great dating disaster story, share it in my comments 


  1. I would have been pissed. My dogs are my kids, so I understand why you would want to tell someone right up front how it is going to be. Better than wasting time on future dates.

  2. haha, def awkward! I am not a cat person (the horror! :P ) but I love my dog, and whenever I think of him dying (he's 9), I immediately start to cry. Like no joke. I think there's something wrong with me because I will cry at least once a month thinking about something bad happening to him... or picturing myself on the table with him having to say goodbye. am I a morbid person?

  3. HAahha! So awkward! And I see you're from Iowa! ME TOO! Small world.

  4. Oh brother! I would have been out the door quicker than you can blink!

  5. Yeah what were you thinking indeed?! Lol, I cannot imagine life without a cat... no guy is worth a life without one!

  6. LOL that's pretty awkward for him to ask that. People are weird!

  7. I probably would have asked him if he thought he was going to survive the rest of the date as my rebuttal.



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