Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... that I have two good prospective renters, and a third set coming to look at my house this weekend.
I hate that I have to choose, but I love that I have a choice.
It makes me less stressed about the near future.
Now who wants to help me find an apartment?

... the honey mustard chicken I made for dinner earlier this week.
It was super easy and super yummy.
The leftovers were fantastic too.
That's definitely a recipe I'll keep in my arsenal.

... that I'm getting a decent return from my federal and state taxes this year.
It'll definitely help with moving costs and two new tires.
I might even get to pay off a credit card.
Gotta love paying things off.

... Trop 50 orange juice.
I crave it like crazy.
At least it's low in WW points.
I don't feel bad for being obsessed with it.

... the Starbucks app on my phone.
I can see the balance on my card and reload it.
I can also find the nearest store.
And I've heard you can order through your phone, but I haven't tried that.

... that three of my favorite people have birthdays this week.
Bruna was Monday, Jamie is tomorrow and my brother is Friday.
I'm surrounded by lots of Pisces people.
Is that good or bad?  Ha ha.

... the Mary Kay Moisture Renewing Gel Mask.
It's so great in these dry winter months.
And you can win that and lots of other goodies over on The Vintage Modern Wife.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I think it's time to get the Starbucks app. I've been avoiding it.

  2. I may have to get the Starbucks app...I love apps that make my life easier!

    The honey mustard chicken sounds delish!

    And good luck with the moving :)


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