Monday, May 6, 2013

5 for Five

As I mentioned in today's Music Monday post, I'm in yet another transition period. 
It's hard to stay motivated to do anything right now, so hopefully this link-up will help me.


First, check out how I did last week:

Spend one of my lunch hours walking.
The weather wasn't nice, but I walked indoors.
I met my daily step goal almost every day last week.
Take one evening off from the computer.
I did this, a bit unintentionally.
Early in the week, I was so busy that I didn't have time for the computer.

Finish unpacking the boxes at the end of my bed.
They're unpacked!
I still have a few more things to go through.

Figure out my May fitness challenge.
I never really decided on one.
I guess maybe I'll just do the ab challenge a friend shared with me.

Re-organize the fridge.

Three out of five is a pattern lately.


 Here are my new goals for the week ahead:

Maintain a normal sleep schedule. 
I'm unemployed again, and it would be easy to stay up and sleep late.
But hopefully I won't be unemployed long, so I need to stay on track. 
Get in five workouts.
It's going to be tempting to become a hermit.
But I need to get out of the house once a day. 

Re-organize the fridge.
It's such a mess right now, and it's hard to find anything.
I need to make it a little more orderly.  

Finish reading "Reached."
This won't be that hard to do.
I have lots of free time and limited TV access.

Re-organize my closet.
I've let things get a little messy in there.
This will be a nice rainy day project.


Come back next week to see how I did.
Happy Monday everyone! 

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  1. I'm doing lunges and calf raises everyday. Not super creative, but I've got limited means right now.

    Where do you live in Iowa? We drove the entire western border last night and I wondered where some of my blog friends were from.


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