Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's NOT OK Thursday

I decided to take some liberties with this post today because sometimes ... things aren't OK.
I'm sure Amber and Neely won't mind.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's NOT OK ...

... that my world looked like this today.
WTF, Mother Nature?  It's May 2.
What did we do to anger you so much?
Or are you just doing it because you can?

... that I haven't seen "Iron Man."
A bunch of my friends are going to see the sequel tomorrow night.
I'm invited to join them, but I'm not sure I should see the second without seeing the first.
Is it a big deal?

... that I'm super behind on watching TV this week.
I've been crazy busy, so I have yet to see "New Girl," "Army Wives" and "Criminal Minds."
There are other shows I've missed too.
But those are the first ones I thought of.

... that Scratch Cupcakery doesn't deliver.
I really wanted a cupcake yesterday.  And today.
But I didn't have time to get over there.
I wish someone would bring one to my desk.

... that I've never seen "Captain America" (my office eye candy) smile.
Seriously, he always has a very straight face on.
I saw him three times today, and I got a half-smile once.
Maybe he's just serious at work.  I don't know.

... that it's supposed to be cold and dreary this weekend.
I want to get outside and run!
I'm ready to see if I can add on some mileage!
Ugh.  We are just not friends this week, Mother Nature.

... that my address somehow didn't get changed for Mary Kay deliveries.
I swear I changed it before I placed my order.
But my box of goodies still went to my old house.
Sigh.  At least it's on it's way now.

... that I want to shop like crazy but can't.
I want to buy new jeans and some new work clothes.
But I really need to watch my funds.
So clothes shopping is on hold.  For now.

... that bananas are zero points on Weight Watchers ... unless you put them in something.
Like my favorite overnight oats.
Instead of a 7 pt. breakfast, I'm having a 10 pt. breakfast.
Lame.  So so so lame.

I think I'm done complaining for now.

What's not OK with you this week?


  1. Well, there two Iron Man movies you might be lost. And, yes, it's a very big deal! lol!

  2. I saw the 2nd Iron Man without seeing the first...but Jaci's right: the new one is the 3rd :)

  3. Snow, in May? That definitely does NOT sound ok lol. And I liked the first 2 Iron Mans, maybe watch them real quick? They're on Amazon Prime for free I think, if you have that...

    Bananas turn into 3 points magically? Whoa.

    Not ok... that my students are going crazy lately. Well, for the last 3 months, but more so since it hit May 1st. Oh boy.

  4. The only time I do not count fruits/vegetables as no points are if I am juicing them or making a smoothie out of them. One banana in my overnight oats? TOTALLY counting as zero PP!!!! I would probably count the PP if I was adding more then one banana though!

  5. I don't know that you really need to see the second Iron-Man - but watching the first one would be a good idea so that you understand how he "works."

    You NEED to see this week's New Girl!

    Not ok... that Mr. Q is currently drinking a 5 hour energy and those things freak me out.


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