Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Self-deprecation rarely tells a lie"

(The blog post title is actually a line from this Tony Lucca song.)

I have lots of free time lately, and instead of using it for productivity, I spend a lot of time browsing online.  One of my favorite sites is someecards, and I found a ton of self-deprecating ecards that I relate to.  And I decided to share them. 

And that's all you get from me on this ... Tuesday.  My computer tells me it's Tuesday.  Otherwise, I'd have no idea.  Ah, the joys of #funemployment.


  1. The DVD commentary one speaks volumes. Last summer, I watched every single commentary episode of True Blood. BECAUSE I COULD. Awful, right? What person has that kind of time???
    These are good ones. A lot of the someecards people post (especially on FB) aren't even funny.

  2. Lol, loev those ecards. And I actually love DVD commentaries, but I'm a nerd like that.

    Enjoy your funemployment while you can.... soon you'll miss the days when you had all the free time in the world lol!

  3. That last ecard is my favorite. And so, so true for me right now!

  4. Oh gosh, DVD commentaries! I totally admit to loving them, but I know it is a weird thing.


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