Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 for Five


Check out how I did last week:

Get up by 8 a.m. each day. 
I accomplished this three of the last six days.
That's a step in the right direction.

Complete a 4.5-mile run.
I ventured out during a drizzly Saturday evening.
And it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.

Spend at least five hours writing.
I read a lot.
But no writing.

Only go out to eat twice (unless someone else is buying).
 I went out three times.

Take new photos for my new blog design.
It wasn't great timing with a stress breakout all over my chin.
But I'm anxious to see how these look.

2 for 5 again.


 Here are my new goals for the week ahead:

Get up by 8 a.m. each weekday. 
I'm keeping this on here until I can green it.
Or until I no longer have an option and have to get up earlier.
I really hope that happens soon.

Spend at least five hours writing.
Again, I'm leaving this on here until I can green it.
I am feeling completely uncreative lately.
But I'll keep trying. 

Eat at home every day.
I don't have many social plans this week.
I don't see that changing.
So I should be good on this.

Complete a run on National Running Day.
Wednesday is National Running Day, which is perfect.
I have a race on Saturday, so I'll have two rest days.
My legs will appreciate it.

Find 5Ks for July, August, and October.
I don't have to sign up (and shouldn't right now for financial reasons).
But I at least need to do a little research.
Get them on my radar.  


Come back next week to see how I did.

Oh, and one more thing ... 
Did you see my Summer Reading Swap?  
I would love some more participants!!

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