Monday, June 17, 2013

5 for Five


Check out how I did last week:

E-mail my Summer Reading Swap participants.
Even though not many signed up, I'm still excited.
I hope they are too.
Summer reading is my favorite. 

Search for freelance writing opportunities. 
I did search, but it's a really confusing process.
As I've mentioned, I may have found a side opportunity for money though.
Don't worry, it's legal. 

Get up by 8 a.m. each weekday.
 I'm so close to being able to "green" this.
I was up before 8 four of the days, and always up by 9.
Just a little more work to do. 

Spend at least five hours writing.
I did this on Saturday, and it felt really good.
It's nice to feel productive and creative.
Maybe I don't suck at everything (even though that's how I feel).

Eat at home every day.
I totally did this.
Some of my meals were interesting or boring.
But I did not go to a single restaurant.

That's so much better than I have been doing.


 Here are my new goals for the week ahead:

Find some expenses to cut.
Finances are tight, so I need to see what I can give up.
I probably should have done this a month ago.
I foolishly thought I'd be employed by now.

Work on my novel for five hours.
It would be awesome if I could finish this project during my unemployment.
Thank goodness for my enthusiastic friends.
They'll help me keep going.

Complete a 5.5-mile run.
I conquered the 5-mile mark last Friday.
Time to keep pushing that distance.
I can do it. Right?

Go on my staycation.
I probably should cut this because of my financial issues.
But I think I can still do some fun stuff on the cheap/free.
So I'm going to do this anyway.

Write guest blog post.
I've been approached about a guest post opportunity.
It's a good topic for me, and I'll get paid.
That's what we call a double-win.


Come back next week to see how I did.

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