Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

As you might remember, I wasn't very excited about my first StitchFix.  But I was willing to give them a second chance. After I followed advice from Jill about my questionnaire and creating a Pinterest style board, my second shipment was a lot better. 

Here's what I got ...

DownEast Olivia Leaf Print Peplum Top
I really loved the cut of this. It's something I never would have picked up in the store.
I would probably need to try one size up though because I could not get the zipper closed.  Oops.

Dylan and Rose Ruthie Cross-Front Side-Ruched Top
I have a few shirts in this style, so I knew it would be flattering.
I would probably wear a cami underneath it though, especially with that tan sunburn line. Ha.

Ark n Co Sterling Belted Striped Minidress
I never pick up horizontal stripes, so I was surprised at how much I liked this.
The cut and length were perfect, and I could use different color belts to change it up.

Tulle Mila Printed Sleeveless Dress
I loved the color and look of this dress ... until I put it on.
I'm just not sure it does anything for me, but it was really comfortable and light.

Skies are Blue Jayda Dot Cuffed Chambray Top
I haven't really ventured into the whole chambray trend, but I thought this looked OK.
I paired it with my red capris for a little color.

Because of finances, this will be my last StitchFix for a while. At least until I'm employed again.
I liked several of the items, but for financial limitations, I can probably only keep one.
I can't decide which item I like best.   
What's your vote?


  1. Yay! You had a GREAT fix this time around! I vote the striped dress - it is so very flattering on you! And you can add a pop of color with a belt or a statement necklace = WIN! And too funny - I received that same Tulle dress in my last fix! Bummer on the peplum top because that one is super cute too! I like the other items a lot too but I just keep coming back to the striped dress!

  2. I agree--that striped dress looks AMAZING on you, Micah!

  3. I adore the stripped dress! It looks amazing.

  4. The striped dress is so flattering! Keep it!

  5. I'm on the striped dress bandwagon, but the chambray shirt is really cute and flattering as well.

  6. I vote for the striped dress! That first top is cute but the striped dress is more fun, totally flattering and I just love it. :)

  7. The striped dress looks fabulous!!

  8. The striped dress is sexy and yet can be office proffesional plus...with a red belt and heels...oh mama! Keep it!


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