Monday, July 8, 2013

Music Monday: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Same Love"

I have been slow to jump on the Macklemore bandwagon. Not because I dislike him. I actually like his sound a lot. But this is the first song of his that really grabbed me. I first heard it just a few days before the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA. So perfect. I absolutely love this song, and the video is beautifully done.

"No law is gonna change us,
We have to change us.
Whatever god you believe in,
We come from the same one.
Strip away the fear,
Underneath it's all the same love.
About time that we raised up."


  1. I love this song. Every time I hear it, it gives me the chills. Plus, you're right - he sounds awesome.

  2. This is my favorite song on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' album - I think the female vocalist on the chorus is amazing. I hadn't seen the video yet and it made me tear up a few times because it reminded me of several of my students. More than anything else in my life, teaching has made me a gay rights advocate - I want all of my students to be able to enjoy every happiness in life.


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