Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday: Eye candy edition

Remember yesterday when I told you I have a physical type? You probably wouldn't believe it if you look at my "eye candy" board on Pinterest.

Some examples ...

Joey McIntyre
Elvis Andrus

John Cho
Chris Pine
Michael Buble
Ryan Gosling AND Jake Gyllenhaal

See?  I think I'm pretty varied when it comes to my celebrity crushes.  In real life, though, my type is much more standard.  Is that typical?  However, if I could find a real life Jake Gyllenhaal or John Cho, I'd be perfectly happy.

Have you ever dated someone who resembled your celebrity crush?  
How did that work out?


  1. You do have very diverse tastes. That's a good thing. There's all kinds of beautiful in this world.

    My hubby doesn't look like any celebrities. My #1 celebrity crush is Christian Bale, who has perfect hazel eyes just dad and his mom.

    John Cho and Jake Gyllenhaal are both very, very good choices, in my opinion.

  2. Ha- I like the diversity! Some people say my ex looked like Shane Victorino (baseball player), but I never really saw the resemblance.

  3. I'd like to say I don't have a type, but I do. And the fact that my type tends to resemble Mayer is not lost of me. Although, Captain Random is the epitome of my type so there is that.


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