Thursday, September 12, 2013

Part of the soundtrack of my life

Helene in Between

When I saw Helene advertise this link-up, I could not have been more excited.
If you've been around here lately -- or ever -- you know that music plays a huge role in my life. 


I think you might learn a little something about me from this post.
I'll share five songs that really mean something to me.
(P.S. It was a really challenge to choose just five.)


This one really speaks to my hopeless romantic nature.
Sadly, I'm a lot more jaded than I used to be.
I think it's also a testament to anyone who misses youthful dreaming and imagination.
Don't we all want to go back to those days?  Just me?


This is one of the first John Mayer songs I remember hearing, so it's iconic in that sense.
But then there are the song lyrics. They are just perfect.
Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.
My brain just goes in circles and sometimes goes to some horrible conclusions.
It's hard to find "the quiet inside my mind."


My choices in the relationships realm have been mocked by friends and acquaintances.
I'm just not a girl who can have fun and then let it go.
I want something real. Something with feelings and emotions.
And I think I'm worth the wait.
P.S. This list could have had several Kelly Clarkson songs. Love her.


Speaking of decisions being mocked, here's my latest anthem.
It's from my boy, Tim Stop.
The second verse just really hits the mark.
I really need to adopt that way of thinking ...
"The people who like me like me anyway,
And everybody else, they can go to hell."


Finally, a Sara Bareilles song that amuses me to no end.
The language is not suitable for work or little ears.
This is one I blast and sing when someone takes an undeserved dig at me.


Do you have songs that define you?


  1. Love Kelly Clarkson!! I just listened to that song the other day-- it's a great one.

  2. I always forget how much I love Mayer's song Quiet until I hear it again. Thanks for the reminder. :D

    AND....thanks for the heads up on this link up!!

  3. I love love LOVE John Mayer and Sara Bareillis. both so good!


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