Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Things Friday

This month has been so crazy busy.  I'm not complaining.  It's all been good.  
But as an introvert, I need some quiet downtime as well.  
And that's exactly what I have planned for tonight and tomorrow.  
I am so excited.

Here are five things that will be key parts of my weekend ...

:: 1 ::
I am really behind on my NaNoWriMo word count.  
I probably won't get to 50K at this rate ... unless I hit a really good streak.  
If you want to send me good vibes for that, I'll take them. 

:: 2 ::
iTunes radio
I finally gave in to the iTunes update (I usually avoid them for a long time), and I'm pleased at the addition of iTunes radio.  It'll be my company while I write.

:: 3 :: 
I've had a lot of beer in recent weeks. 
 I think wine got jealous.  
I'll catch up with it a little this weekend.

:: 4 ::
I'm doing a 5K tomorrow in freezing weather.
I'm supposed to do five miles on Sunday.  
Wish me luck.

:: 5 ::
Peeta, Katniss, & Gale
Yep, I'm going to see "Catching Fire" this weekend.
The best part?
I'm going with about 10 other people who are equally as geeky about this series as I am.
Cannot wait.


What do you have on deck for your weekend?


  1. Good luck on the 5k! Lol, @ Morgan Freeman narrating the run. I will picture that on my run tonight. And yes, I'm seeing Catching Fire with 5 other geeky Hunger Games fan, I can't wait!

    iTunes radio is great on a run, if you have an iPhone. I like it anyway.

  2. I was actually just thinking about iTunes radio and how it works. I've never used it. I'm looking forward to seeing Catching Fire too!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds great! We have a busy weekend ahead, so I'm a little jealous of all your alone-time!


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