Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa,

I know what you're thinking. I'm 33. I should have stopped writing to you years ago.  But I can't. According to the grandmother of my friend, Jaci, "if you don't believe, you don't receive."  I definitely want to receive this year ... so, I believe in you, Mr. Claus. You're a generous man with a classic sense of style.  I only wish I could pull it off as well (see my poor attempt in the embedded photo).

Overall, I was fairly well-behaved this year.  I took pretty good care of myself.  I survived several professional setbacks.  I cut ties with someone who made me feel insecure and unworthy. I was nice to my friends.  I spent time with my family. I performed random good deeds for people.

Now, there were a few missteps on my part.  I drank lots of wine and beer. I slacked on my workouts toward the end of the year.  I may have had inappropriate thoughts about 23-year-old co-workers (I blame that on my subconscious and some unexpected dreams). They didn't last long though.  I'm over them.

I wasn't perfect (and I never will be ... that's no fun), but I was pretty good.  I hope you agree.  I've already posted my running wish list and regular wish list.  But really, anything you bring will be fine. And if you want to bring a few things for the furkids (litter, food, and treats are always a win), that would be great too.

Safe travels, Santa!


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