Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things I wish were delivered

A few weeks ago, The Today Show did a story about how grilled cheese delivered by parachute is in the near future for NYC residents.  Seriously?  They can already get practically everything delivered (by regular methods), and now they get grilled cheese on parachutes too?  Not fair.

In case you're new around here, I live in Des Moines, IA.  It's not a small town by any means, but it's definitely not one of the nation's major cities either.  And I'm mostly OK with that.  Traffic is a minor problem.  Violent crime is rare. I can get from one side of the city to the other in about 30 minutes.  Maybe less sometimes.  Des Moines also has a great arts community, delicious food offerings, a burgeoning music scene, and a fantastic recreational trail system.

But we definitely don't have parachuting grilled cheese.  In fact, food delivery isn't a big thing here.  I'm pretty sure the only delivery options I have are pizza, Jimmy John's, and a few Chinese places. There is a Flying Burrito place, but they don't deliver to my area (and I just told you about the size, so that tells you something). In other words, my delivery options are VERY limited.

Here are a few other things I wish I could have delivered:

You don't know how many mornings the office java just isn't cutting it. I need something stronger and darker (that's what she said).  But I can't leave my desk.  Or at least I shouldn't.  I would love it if Starbucks, Caribou, or even one of the local coffee places would deliver a steaming cup of dark roasted coffee to me.

I'm sure I could have a dozen or more delivered.  But what if I just want one?  Oh, who am I kidding ... I could eat more than one cupcake.  Or I suppose I could share the others.  But, honestly, I'd love to just be able to order a single cupcake.

Ice cream
One night last week, I was sitting at home after work (read: sans pants) and I thought, "I really want a hot fudge shake."  But I didn't want to put on pants or leave the house.  So I didn't have a shake.  Maybe that saved me some calories and money, but ... I still wish this kind of service existed.

Laundry detergent
Don't tell me I'm the only one who has gotten a full load ready to go only to realize I'm out of detergent.  Then I have to decide how badly I need the clothes or if they can wait another day.

Feminine hygiene products
The reasoning for this is similar to that for the laundry detergent.

What would you add to my list?


  1. Ditto on the coffee, mostly because sometimes you just want some caffeine prior to having to think about getting up. I've never craved one cupcake to be delivered, but Texas has these awesome things called foodtrucks (they're everywhere) and they have a roaming cupcake one that's friggin' delicious. Not that I've made a trip just for one cupcake before...

  2. Yes on all of these. Except coffee, but only because I don't drink it. But otherwise, a resounding yes! I live in Southern California and still don't have the luxury of a lot of delivery. Mostly because it takes at least an hour to get anywhere.

  3. Absolutely yes for cupcake delivery. Or a whole bakery! You never know when you're going to feel like pie or cheesecake or donuts. Haha!

  4. Coffee needs to be delivered every morning, no questions asked. And also when you need a boost at work. All the time.


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