Friday, October 17, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Swap reveal

I love blog swaps.  I get goodies in the mail.  I get to shop for another blogger.  And, best yet, I get to know another blogger.  For the Great Pumpkin Swap, I had Becky, one of the co-hosts.  I enjoyed picking out things for her and hope she liked everything as much as I liked her package for me.

First of all, I was amused that it came in a Mary Kay box (consultant here).
Secondly, look at all that chocolate!  (I cannot confirm or deny if it's already gone.)
The apple cider candle has been burning every night I've been home since I got it. 
The tumbler she sent is adorable! If you can't tell, there's an owl in there.
My cats have already lost the little mice.
I plan to wear the socks next week -- who doesn't love Snoopy?!?

Love love love it all.
Thanks, Becky!


  1. So glad you joined in on the swap! Those PB meltaways sure are good.

  2. Thanks for joining us! Mom so glad that you liked your gifts! I laughed when I got your package in a MaryKay box, too! :)

  3. I love swaps. You got a fun package!

    I just participated in a Swapoween and got mine. So excited about it!


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