Friday, October 17, 2014

Two days away from 13.1

I'm not sure I've mentioned it enough around here (ha!), but I am running a half-marathon this weekend.  It's my first.  I will run 13.1 miles for the first time ever.  (Isn't it weird that the training program doesn't have me run the actual race distance until the day of?)

A year ago, I attended the Des Moines Marathon/Half-Marathon as a spectator.  It was fun clapping and cheering for all the runners.  There were athletes of all builds and sizes.  And looking at all of them, I began to think maybe -- just maybe -- I could do a half-marathon too.   The wheels started turning ... and here I am a year later, signed up to be on the road instead of alongside it. 

My emotions about this event have been all over the place the last few weeks.  Confidence, concern, excitement, dread, fear ... I've gone through them all.

Two weeks ago, I was feeling really prepared.  My 10-mile run went well.  I felt good after each of my training runs.  I looked forward to them.  Even with my busy schedule, I was excited for each run.

Last week, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to finish the race.  My legs were really sore last week and had that dead feeling.  I began to worry they simply wouldn't work on race day.  I talked to a runner in my office and he advised me to take it easy the last two weeks.  He looked at my training plan and told me to scrap it.  Instead of doing a bunch of five- and four-milers, he recommended I do some three-milers instead, but keep a longer run on Sunday.  That's exactly what I did, and when I hit the trail last Sunday for five miles, my legs didn't hate me as much as they did before.  Whew.

But it wasn't just my legs last week. I was also beginning to have that burned out feeling.  I wasn't as excited about my training runs as I was before.  I didn't hate running ... exactly.  But I was getting close.  How was I going to get through a few more weeks of this?  Sigh.

Admittedly, I'm still feeling a bit burned out.  Four training runs a week is a lot --- especially with everything else I have going on.  After Sunday's race, I will definitely be scaling back on the running.  Not quitting, but definitely easing up.

All that said, I am really looking forward to the race on Sunday.  I'm ready to cross "run a half-marathon" off my life list.

My main goal for the day will just to cross the finish line, but I'm following Holly's lead and setting a few benchmark goals as well ... just to amp it up a little.

GOOD: Finish.  That's all.
GREAT:  2:45:00 - 3:00:00
AWESOME:  2:35:00 - 2:44:00

Now accepting good race vibes.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 5-mile trail run
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 3-mile trail run with running club
Wednesday: Off.
Thursday: 2-mile trail run.

Any final advice for Sunday? 


  1. You are going to kick butt! Trust me on this one--you'll finish. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. You've totally got this! You're going to rock this race and have a blast!


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