Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bringing beer to the blog

If you've been reading this space for a while and/or following me on Twitter and Instagram, you know how much I love beer. 

Apparently beer makes me give seductive eyes. That's how much I love beer.

Not just any beer though.  Good beer.  Craft beer.

Last month, I mentioned briefly in passing that I wanted to start incorporating craft beer into my blog.  I sat down and started thinking about what I had to say about the subject.  I decided a monthly series would be a good way to start.  It sets a schedule without over-committing.  So, the first Sunday of each month, you will find words about craft beer here.

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking, "beer is gross" or "I don't drink beer." That was me a few years ago. I first tried beer in college and hated it. I couldn't stand the taste. For many years after that, I only drank things that didn't taste like beer, fruity things. After college, a co-worker convinced me to try beer again.  I still didn't love it, but it became more palatable.  And it was cheaper.  About two years ago, I was introduced to craft beer. I fell in love, and I've never looked back.

I've been on a half-dozen brewery tours. I've logged nearly 300 unique beers on Untapped.  I'm a member of a craft beer organization for women. I've helped harvest hops. I've served beer in the Iowa Craft Beer Tent. I've made beer with friends. Yet, I still consider myself a craft beer newbie. I still have so much more to learn on this delicious journey. And I want to take you with me.

So, all you beer-haters, I hear you.  I've been you.  If all you've had is the stuff you can get in in a 12-pack for less than $15, I don't blame you. While that beer has its place, I promise you there are better tasting beers out there.  As my friend, Jaci, said the other night -- "There's a book for every reader and a beer for every drinker."  I strongly agree with this. I believe there is a beer for everyone. You just have to find it.  And I'm hoping I can help you do just that.

Even if you don't fall in love with craft beer or even try it it, I'm hoping I can teach you a little more about this burgeoning hobby. 

I'm still ironing out all the details of this series (namely a name and a graphic), but I'm really excited to get going on it.  I have some topics planned out, but I'm open to questions and suggestions as well.

Tell me what you want to know about craft beer. 


  1. I'm of the belief that there are few things better than a plate of wings and a cold beer (I think Miller lite was my drink of choice back when I was 21/22). Alaska is HUGE when it comes to craft beer. The best I've ever had was there and we still buy Alaska brands when we see them. Most restaurants there make their own craft beers.
    Anyway, I don't drink beer so much anymore, but Scott does and I'll buy a case of good stuff about once a month. Colorado has tons of breweries too. He went to one last week and had nothing but good things to say.
    I think this will be a fun addition to your blog!

  2. Boyfriend is totally getting into the craft beer scene, which is kinda only natural, living in Oregon now and all. I'm not a beer person unless it doesn't taste like beer... so... :p

  3. I love beer as long as it's not hoppy. Gross.

  4. I can't WAIT to read your posts on beer!!!! :) Thanks to my brother, I've been getting more and more into craft beer, and I am a sucker for anything local. I feel like when I go somewhere, anywhere, I need to try the local beer. And thankfully, Michigan has 150+ breweries. So, ya know, if you need to visit some new breweries and need a place to stay...I'm here :)

  5. I'm excited! I would definitely like some 'If you like this, try this' posts. So I know what to buy John's brother. He loves Revolution Anti-Hero and Three Floyd's Gumballhead so... then what? I have no idea how to surprise him with something new!

    1. Oh and the basics for me as well. I like Guiness, cider, and Lenienkugels seasonal stuff, what else do I try?


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