Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting fit in '15

Last year, I had two goals in running -- complete eight races and do two longer races (a 10K and a half-marathon).  I completed the second part (yay!) but laziness kept me from the first one (boo!).  Yep, I'm calling myself out.  I had plenty of chances to get eight races in, but I skipped races and just plain wimped out. Inexcusable, but there's a new year upon us now. Time to do better.

So, now it's time to look at my running and fitness ambitions for the year ahead.


Here are my plans and goals:
>  Work out 16 times a month, including at least four BodyPump sessions.
>  Try a new fitness class.
>  Complete 10 races, including one in a different state.

Even though I couldn't complete eight races last year, I'm upping the ante this year.  What can I say? I like a challenge.

Here are the races I'm looking at:
March -- Leprechaun Chase 10K (already registered!)
April -- Capital Striders Loop the Lake 8K & Drake Relays Road Races 5K or 10K
May -- Windsor Heights Mini-Marathon 10K & Dam to Dam Half-Marathon
June -- Run to Exile 5K or 10K (depends on the date since I'm also looking at a big bike ride in June)
July -- Midnight Madness 5K 
September -- Capital Striders Capital Pursuit 10-Miler
November -- Hot Chocolate Run
December -- Ugly Sweater Run

If you'll notice, there are 10 races listed, and there are still some holes in that list. For example, there's nothing for October.  (There's nothing for August either, but let's be honest, that month is hot as balls and it's usually a very busy month.)

As for October, I'm still contemplating doing the Des Moines Half-Marathon again.  I know I talked about how burned out I was on training, but then the race happened. I liked the route and felt really good when I was done.  I keep thinking about it.  I wouldn't mind checking it out again.

Also ... I'm kind of intrigued by the Detroit International Half-Marathon.  The route goes through tunnels across the border to Canada and then back into the U.S.  How cool would that be?  It sounds like I'd get to meet Holly, and my friend, Meg, would probably come down too. I'm just not sure I can swing it financially.  The race fee isn't bad (especially early bird), but then there's flight and hotel.  Oh, and I'd need a passport too.  That's a lot of money right there. Anyone want to sponsor me?  Or do a GoFundMe?  Ha ha ha. I'm kidding.  I'm not asking people to fund my hobbies.

Obviously, doing ten races should be doable.  I guess the real question here is --- can I really do two-half marathons in a year?  But you know what ... if Holly can do it, so can I.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Zumba (I have missed this class so much!)
Sunday: 4-mile trail run
Monday: 1 mile on the treadmill + circuit workout with Savannah
Tuesday: 1 mile on the treadmill + workout with Trainer Beth
Wednesday: 2.5 miles on the treadmill
Thursday: Off.

31 miles in 31 Days Running Challenge
Miles to-date: 31

I had to push it this week, but I made it.
Just barely.

Do you have some health/fitness goals for 2015?



  1. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. IF you ever decide to run the Detroit International Half marathon, I will ABSOLUTELY be there to cheer you on! Heck, if you want to do it next year, I'll run it with you. :D

  2. Planning ahead is the first step to success, right? I think you'll accomplish your running goals this year.

  3. Coming over from Venus Trapped in Mars....So glad to find other bloggers from Iowa! I've heard really good things about the Des Moines half and I think running 8 races is totally manageable!

  4. Again, I SWEAR I commented on this already, but apparently I was wrong--sorry!!

    I'm honored that you can be inspired by me! It seems like a lot, but I promise you can do whatever you put your mind to! Also, as an update, I won't be running the International Half in October this year--I'm running the Columbus Half Marathon back in Ohio that weekend because my dad decided to run the Marathon for that :) So I want to run the half and support him across the finish line!! But the end of September I'm still up for a race, or mid-August, too!!!


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