Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Monday: Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud"

I am very late to the Ed Sheeran fanwagon.  And I should have been on it earlier, if only for ginger solidarity.  We're unicorns.  We have to stick together.

Sorry Ed.  You've got me now.

So what took me so long?

To be honest, I didn't like his earlier singles.  I thought "A Team" and "Lego House" were kind of boring.  But his new album "X" is so different. "Sing" and "Don't" were instant purchases and then I went ahead and got the rest of the album. It's so fantastic.  Definitely one of my favorites of last year.  And his latest single?  I just swoon.

Good grief.
Songs like this just make it really hard to give up on love and romance.


  1. LOVE that song too. Definitely got me hooked on the Ed bandwagon too.

  2. I am SOOOO totally obsessing over this new hit! It's about time too because the radio really beat his other songs to death.

  3. I love him so much! You should add him to your concert list. He's a literal one man band on stage. So amazing!

  4. This was my Musical Monday too - so swoony!


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