Thursday, February 26, 2015

Re-introducing myself

I've had this blog for almost five years now.  Can you believe it's been that long?  I've shared a lot of thoughts and tidbits in that time, but I don't know if I've ever done a proper introduction.  I've gained some new readers recently, so I figured this might be a good time for it.

So ... this is me:
Most recent photo of me ... a selfie from last Saturday.

///  I was born and raised in central Iowa.
This is me as a wee one!

/// My high school graduating class consisted of 43 people.
Yep, this is all of us.

/// I have a bachelor's degree in mass communication (journalism) and worked in newspapers for seven years, including two daily publications in Texas and a weekly one back here in Iowa. I met a lot of fascinating people this way.  I even got to interview the current president (please, no politics debate).
Me (several pounds ago) with the current prez during campaign time in 2007.

/// I lived in Texas for four years after college, where I learned a ton about myself and developed a love of Texas Rangers baseball.
Just a few of my Rangers bobbleheads.

/// While I was in Texas, I met a lot of great friends, many of whom I'm still in touch with today.  But I also lost someone. My close friend, Amy, passed away in her sleep at the age of 29, and I had a hard time dealing with her death.
Amy and I were on TV a lot during Rangers games.

/// I moved back to Iowa shortly after Amy's death in 2006, and have been here ever since.  I can't imagine leaving again either.  This is home.  Plus, I love that my parents and brother live just 40 minutes away.
My parents in Memphis for Iowa State's most recent bowl game.

/// I currently have three jobs. My full-time gig is subrogation of workers' compensation claims. (Don't feel bad if you don't know what that is. I didn't know until I took the job either.)  My part-time gigs are circulation clerk at a library and beertender at my favorite local brewery (it really was my favorite even before I started working there).
I'm looking forward to reading this soon.

/// I have written and self-published three novels.  I have a fourth one in the editing stages and a few others in draft mode.
Here's a link to my author page on Amazon.

/// My fandoms include live music (I have attended more than 200 concerts), Texas Rangers baseball, Iowa State Cyclone athletics, and Kansas City Chiefs football.
Cheering on my team on a no-makeup Sunday.

/// While my taste in music is all over the board (pop to country to Broadway tunes), I go weak in the knees for a guy who plays piano and/or guitar.
This guy plays piano AND guitar, so you can guess where he ranks.

/// I live with two cats -- Cleo and Casey.  Notice that I didn't say I own them.  I'm pretty sure they own me at this point. They've been mine for nearly 12 years, and I can't imagine life without them.
Casey and Cleo = my loves.

// I have three tattoos.
This is on the inside of my right ankle.

// One of my life goals is to visit every MLB ballpark.  I've been to 10 (out of 30) so far.
My brother and me at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

/// A few years ago, I discovered running.  I have completed several 5Ks and did my first half-marathon last fall.
All smiles after 13.1.

/// I love craft beer.  I'm part of an organization called Barley's Angels, which promotes craft beer education and appreciation for women.
Mmmm. Beer!
/// My biggest celebrity crush is Jake Gyllenhaal, followed closely by Zach Gilford.
Mmm. Yes.
Is there anything I missed?
Something you want to know about me?
Feel free to ask!


  1. Wow! I didn't know most of this so this was such a great post to get to know you. You've done a lot, girl! How cool! And now I don't feel so bad that I only graduated with 69 people!

  2. I didn't know you were in the newspaper business for a while. I started my career in the newspaper business too! I loved it! How cool!

  3. So glad you did this! Even though I've been following along with you blog for a few months now, there were several things I didn't know. But I was absolutely shocked by the published author thing. What?? Have I just missed it? I want to read your books!!

  4. I liked reading this! There were 120 in my graduating class and people usually think that is unbelievably tiny. We had one elementary (k-6) and one high school (7-12).

  5. Do I win anything if I know what Subrogation is? :)
    That is one small class. I love seeing the bobbleheads. Makes me smile and think of Rangers baseball and opening day and baseball..ah!

  6. Barley's Angels! I like it.

    We had 740-something in our graduating class...that walked, anyway. We're from different ends of that spectrum!

  7. 43, wow! I had about 700 in my class. I'm a new follower (from the SH Blogger Group), so I really enjoyed getting to learn all of this about you! I'm a big craft beer fan, as well :)


  8. I bet the Rangers are glad they don't have Josh Hamilton anymore...Grrr...

    That's awesome that you met Obama.

    Your cats are super cute.

    This was a fun post!

  9. Your high school was SO small!! That beer organization for women is very cool!

  10. Wow you are a published author?! That is amazing, good for you! ::virtual high five!!:: I am also a big sucker for a guy that can play guitar...which is probably why I married a musician. lol! I can't believe how small your graduating class was! That''s crazy to me! Mine was huge! I love these kinds of posts, they definitely help to get you to know someone.

  11. Nice to meet you! I love this post - so many interesting facts ;)

  12. what a fun post! Seems like you are super passionate about a lot of interesting things :)


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