Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been in a funk for the past several days, so I decided to jump in on this link-up in hopes of lifting my spirits a little.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... that I've gotten back on track with good eating habits this week. It took some work on Sunday and has required me to be pretty disciplined. But I feel better already, so I clearly needed this. I know it's good for my wallet too.

... that I have backed out of some social plans this weekend. I know. That doesn't sound like something I should love, but ... I need it. I have been so heavily booked the last few weeks. I need some downtime. I'm thinking TV/Netflix and writing.  Maybe some wine or beer.

... that I reached my reading goals for the month, completing five books. I'm not quite sure how I accomplished that with everything going on, but I did. Two of the books were pretty heavy, too, so I'm really proud I got through them. Come back Sunday to see what I read.

... that the Rangers extended Adrian Beltre's contract through 2016. I adore AB, and he's such a joy to watch on the field. And now we're assured another year.  YAY!

... baseball is filling my social media again. I missed it more than I even realized. I hate that I didn't catch many games last season. That might be playing into my longing.

... the mango strawberry Spark I bought last week. I've only had the watermelon and fruit punch before this. But I think the mango strawberry might be my new favorite flavor. Yum!!

So, yeah ... it was hard to find things I'm loving this week.  I think the winter blahs have caught up with me. And we're supposed to get 4-7 inches of snow tonight, so ... I don't see the blues going away anytime soon.


  1. The winter blues are kicking my booty right now too - just trying to tread water and survive it! Sometimes it's okay to cancel plans to have that downtime that you need. Hope it fills you up!

  2. I've been in a funk too. I'm blaming the weather and the fact that I can't stand outside for more than a minute because I'll freeze to death. My god, is it over yet? Also, I totally get what you mean when you cancel plans and really need that. Sometimes downtime is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  3. Thanks for linking up!! :) I'm excited about baseball too. So happy to see my timeline full of Rangers tweets!
    Good for you for making "me" time. Thanks to the unexpected ice days, I had a lot of that the past two days. Wish I had been more productive, but I just watched TV the whole time. It was nice though. I really need to get back on track with my reading. I'm slacking. At this rate, I will NEVER finish the Harry Potter series. Lol. I'm on book 5 (I've been on it for 3 weeks). Granted, I haven't even picked it up in two weeks. :) Chance is threatening to end our friendship if I don't finish them. :) Have a great day!!

    1. Yes I agree ladies - yay for baseball!!!!!

      I love Spark! Ineed to order some. I like the fruit punch. I didn't like watermelon. Thanks for linking up!!!!

  4. I'm suffering from the winter blues too. Blah. I have a social obligation this weekend that I really wish I could cancel- a low key weekend sounds wonderful! Hope you get a chance to recharge!

  5. MFD loves spark. I've never had it.

    February is my worst month. I'm just done with not being able to be outside a lot. I enjoy it and want to be outside more.

    I think it's good to cancel social plans and take some time for yourself.

    Hell yes on reaching your reading goals!

  6. I am so happy about baseball. I've really REALLY missed it too! I'm bummed that I won't be able to go to Spring Training this year.

  7. I am thrilled about AB getting an extension too! Winter funks---You need sunshine.


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