Thursday, July 23, 2015

35 years and counting

In case you missed it, Monday was my birthday. Some people don't like to talk about their age, but I don't mind admitting I'm 35.  In fact, I'm proud to be 35.  There are plenty of people who never get to be that age. I have known a few of them, so that's why I look at each trip around the sun as a positive instead of a negative.

Anyhow ... I spent the majority of my birthday at work.  That's the adult thing to do, right? I picked up my favorite coffee drink from my favorite local shop on the way to the office.  I enjoyed a light lunch solo in the cafeteria.  My coworkers and colleagues sent me kind emails and wishes all day, so it wasn't all that bad.

But I did take the evening off from my library job so I could take in a baseball game with my parents and a dozen or so of my friends.  Between socializing and enjoying Iowa beers, I was cheering for the visiting team, which is the farm team for the Texas Rangers.  They didn't win, but I had a fabulous time.

Can you tell from this photo?

Those glasses were really something.  I still have them, and I may or may not begin sharing them with other friends on their birthday.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and I was reminded of all the awesome people in my life.  Not just those who celebrated with me, but those who took a few moments of their day to send me a text, a Facebook wish, or a Twitter shout out.  I loved it all, and it really made my day that much brighter.

Here's to another year!


  1. So glad you had a great birthday!!! Hope this year is amazing for you! :)

  2. I'm glad you had a great one!

    I'm never upset about aging either, for the same reasons - so many people do not get the privilege of doing so.

    I never work on my birthday though. It's a personal rule. LOL

  3. I'm glad you had a great birthday! And that you have such a healthy outlook on age. Getting older doesn't bother me either.


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