Friday, August 7, 2015

July fitness recap

I know the journey to getting in better shape is a slow and steady one.  And little goals along the way will help me reach my overall goal.  So I have fitness benchmarks I want to reach each month -- the first two are static and the third will be alternating.  I'll also be sharing my progress in terms of pounds/inches lost and one non-scale victory.

Sixteen workouts a month.  Grade = C
I slacked off in July.  I can blame the new job, the heat, my birthday, and the fact that I worked from July 4 to August 1 without a single day off, but really, I just didn't make time.

Strength training once a week.  Grade = B
I'm going to count BureauFit as strenth workouts, but there were only three of them.

Track my food each day.  Grade = B
I quit Weight Watchers already and have gone back to MyFitnessPal. So far, I've been more consistent on there.

Pounds lost = -1 lb. (this month) / -3 lbs. (overall)
I had actually gained a few pounds the first few weeks of July, but I've already lost them again, so the numbers are going the right direction again.

Inches lost = I remembered to measure, but ... I lost my original measurements. Lame.  So I'm starting over.

Non-scale victory = I tried a new workout -- BureauFit -- and I've stuck with it pretty regularly.


August Instagram Fitness Challenge Update
Each Sunday, I post a funny pic related to an exercise on Instagram. For every "like," I do one rep of that exercise for the week.  (Be sure to follow me and motivate me!)

This week's funny:

I'm also aiming to run 35 miles this month.

Mileage: 3 <--- Eeek. I have a lot of ground to make up.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday:  Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: 2-mile jog during lunch + 26 crunches

Tuesday: Kickboxing + 27 crunches
Wednesday: 1.5-mile walk during lunch + 28 crunches
Thursday: BureauFit (included one mile of 100m sprints) + Zumba + 28 crunches

That was a much better week.  I need to not be such a slacker on the weekends though. 

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  1. 35 miles is a great objective! You can do it girl!!!! Great job keeping yourself on track and accountable via the blog and instagram :)


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