Friday, September 4, 2015

August fitness recap

I know the journey to getting in better shape is a slow and steady one.  And little goals along the way will help me reach my overall goal.  So I have fitness benchmarks I want to reach each month -- the first two are static and the third will be alternating.  I'll also be sharing my progress in terms of pounds/inches lost and one non-scale victory.

Sixteen workouts a month.  Grade = A
Even with the fair and a late month cold, I still nailed it.  Boom!!  I'm treating myself to some Lush bath goodies as a reward.

Strength training once a week.  Grade = B
I only missed one week. This is really a nod to my trainer.  Without her, I wouldn't have gotten the strength work in.

Track my food each day.  Grade = C
I was so good about this until the last ten days of the month.

Pounds lost = -2 lbs. (this month) / -5 lbs. (overall)
Slow and steady is fine with me.

Inches lost = I remembered to measure, but ... I lost my original measurements. Lame.  So I'm starting over.

Non-scale victory = I successfully completed a 10-day cleanse. Went back to some bad habits after that, but I'm working on getting into a better routine with my eating.


August Instagram Fitness Challenge Recap
Each Sunday, I posted a funny pic related to an exercise on Instagram. For every "like," I did one rep of that exercise for the week.

Exercises and reps:
Bicycle crunches = 196
Push-ups = 308 (Because Bridget challenged me to multiply the number. Glad I only went with 2x.)
Mountain climbers = 126
Tricep dips = 112

I was also aiming to run 35 miles.

Mileage: 18
I barely got halfway to my goal.  Sigh.  I need to get back to running.


I'm in a new challenge for September and October. 

I think there's still time to join in -- click here!

#1800minutechallenge total:


Last week's workouts
Friday: 36 tricep dips (I decided to double these since I backed off cardio while I recovered from my cold.)
Saturday:  36 tricep dips
Sunday: 36 tricep dips
Monday: Yoga at home (30 minutes)

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Treadmill warm-up (15 minutes) + session with my trainer (60 minutes)

My cold made me a slacker.  I'm ready to get back after it.


  1. You did pretty well!! Setting goals is always hard because things get in the way. When I have a cold, I CANNOT move. Like working out is death for me hahaha. But 16 workouts in the month? That's awesome - it's like every 2nd day, which is hard to commit to!

  2. I think you did really well! Right now, I've committed to working out 3x a week - so I'm so impressed you're getting in WAY more time at the gym that I am. :-)


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