Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Stuff & Things

:: I'm so glad I don't have to travel far to be with family for the holidays. I have a 40-minute drive. That's it. There was a time when I had to travel much further though.  I lived in Texas for four years and only flew home for Christmas once. It was too expensive to do every year on a newspaper reporter's salary. Fortunately, I had good friends who were always happy to have one more at their table. My family is like that too, and tonight, we'll be sharing our Christmas Eve with two native New Yorkers who have a standing invitation to all our family gatherings.

:: Remember that list I made for Santa last week?  Well, one of my wishes was already granted. Sorry it wasn't the N Sync reunion show.  But a friend did give me his account info so I could watch ESPN on my AppleTV. I look forward to watching more Iowa State basketball in my home!

:: I made it through my Christmas Movie Advent Calendar. It was really fun, and a nice way to spread out the holiday joy in my movie collection. I may or may not do it again next year.

:: Monday night, I went to a hockey game alone. Remember, this is my first year getting into the sport, and I think it's safe to say I'm hooked. I must also kind of sound like I know what I'm talking about because gentlemen around me kept asking me questions about the Iowa Wild team and the game. There's also this funny story:

:: Speaking of funny text conversations, here's one I had with a library co-worker when we were discussing our holiday party, which will be held at a brewery:

:: You all know how much of a cat lady I am. I don't really hide it. This week, I advertised it at work with this adorable scarf from ModCloth.

And before I go, here's a holiday tune from Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers (from before they disbanded ... sniff sniff ... good thing they're all still doing music).

Have a blessed Christmas!  And if you don't celebrate, I still hope the next few days are fantastic for you.

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