Friday, March 4, 2016

February fitness recap

I know the journey to getting in better shape is a slow and steady one.  And little goals along the way will help me reach my overall goal.  So I have fitness benchmarks I want to reach each month.

Work out 16 days a month.  Grade = A
I actually worked out 18 days this month. And that's if I don't work out Saturday or Sunday (and I probably won't). Yay me!

Strength training once a week.  Grade = A
Thanks to Xtreme Revolution, I can't avoid this one. Tuesday's body sculpt classes take care of this.

Track my food each day.  Grade = C
I kind of fell off the wagon on this one in February.


Non-scale victory = I did 15 push-ups on my toes!!!
I hate push-ups and usually wimp out after just a few, but one day this month, I did 15 on my toes during class. It was an amazing feeling.

And, I did continue on my quest to do one race a month with the Red Flannel Run.
It was a cold one, but I finished. And I did pretty well!


Last week's workouts
Friday: Xtreme Recovery (30 minutes)
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Xtreme Revolution Cardio & Conditioning (30 minutes)
Tuesday: Xtreme Revolution Body Sculpt (30 minutes)
Wednesday: Xtreme Revolution Attack Skipped
Thursday: Xtreme Revolution Plyos (30 minutes)

We have our final assessments for Xtreme Revolution today. I will be sure to share my results next week.


  1. Sounds like February was an overall success!! Congrats! :)

  2. Sounds like you did a great job in February!


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