Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 66

My apartment is a disaster area lately. I blame it on not having time to keep it clean, but I know it's just laziness. And as Steph points out, even with a busy schedule, there are ways to maximize a few minutes here and there to stay organized.

Politics, politics, politics. I know. I'm tired of hearing and reading about them too, no matter how important it is to be informed. Helene offers a fun spin on the remaining candidates by comparing them to the types of people you knew in high school.

In case you don't follow her blog, Taylor is getting hitched this year after seven years with her guy. Naturally, she must have forced him to propose, right? At least that's what people assume ... because all women are just waiting for someone to give them a ring. Right.

As someone with naturally curly hair, I shy away from shampoo most of the time, so I was eager to read Jess' experience with co-washing. She shares some observations and tips if you want to give it a go.

I admit that while there's still a part of me that wants children, a larger part of me is hesitant. Mostly for all the standard beliefs and reasons out there. Bonnie debunks some of the popular myths about being a parent

Sometimes being a writer is hard. Sometimes it's invigorating. Rena captures all the postives and negatives of the life of a writer. The positives really do make it all worthwhile. (P.S. When you go to her blog, you can see a teaser for her book, which comes out this summer. I have already pre-ordered a copy and can't wait to get it.)


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