Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Monday: Three tracks from Liz Longley

Remember that crazy Stephen Kellogg show a few weeks ago? Well, even though it ended up being a memorable night, there was one major downside -- his opener, Liz Longley, didn't get to come with him. I'd been looking forward to seeing her. Stephen has a very good track record with selecting tourmates, especially when it comes to female singer/songwriters. I can't remember a single one that didn't immediately win me as a fan. I knew Liz would be great too. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to Iowa that night, but I bought her album and I have not been able to stop listening to it.

It was hard choosing just one track to share, so I selected three.

Stephen touted her as having a bit of a Sheryl Crow vibe. I can definitely hear that. But I also hear a little Patty Griffin and Sara Bareilles. 

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her schedule to see if she makes it to Iowa another time.

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