Monday, March 28, 2016

Music Monday: Three Ben Rector tunes

Tonight, I am seeing Ben Rector for only the second time.

Just over two years ago, he was touring with one of my favorites (Tyrone Wells), and while I was familiar with his music, I hadn't experienced him live yet. After that night, I went home and bought his entire catalog. I should have known I would love him (piano-driven rock is my jam), but I was unprepared with how many of his tunes would resonate with me and move me.

I've already shared three of his tunes in this space ("The Beat," "Crazy" and "Sailboat"), so here are three more of my favorites.

This is the title track of his latest album, and it's just so upbeat and fun. This fan compilation video is amazing.


One of my favorite things about Ben is his ability to tell a story in his songs, and this track "The Men That Drive Me Places" is a gem.


"White Dress" would be such a great wedding video or intro song. In fact, there are many of them out there on YouTube.


I cannot wait for the show tonight!

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