Monday, August 8, 2016

Music Monday: Mike Posner - "Be As You Are"

Over the weekend, I made a road trip to Kansas City for a little concert featuring Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Mike Posner. I bought tickets to this show more than six months ago and have been looking forward to it ever since. I was most excited for Demi (I just love her), but figured Nick would be good too. When they announced Mike Posner was the show opener, he got sandwiched between Demi and Nick for my ranking of most anticipated performance. And he lived up to those expectations. (So did Demi. Nick actually exceeded my expectations for him.)  It was an all around great night of music. I would love to see Mike Posner again someday.  This was my favorite from the set (and it's also probably my favorite on the album).

Forewarning: The video contains some nudity that might not be appropriate for some settings.

The song fits in well with my weekend, honestly. Sunday afternoon, upon return from Kansas City, I participated in a march to create awareness of the need for mental health reform in our state. I listened to stories from those directly affected by mental health issues, and I think the biggest thing is the stigma attached to disorders such as depression and anxiety. So many people just don't understand these afflictions and try to wave them off as something someone can just get over. It doesn't work that way. But because of this belief, many who need help are afraid to ask for it or don't know how to ask for it or are being shamed for asking for it. All of that needs to be fixed.

I'm off my soapbox for now, but this might come up again in a future blog post.

Happy Monday everyone!

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