Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Time to tighten the purse strings

August was very expensive. I spent a lot of money, and I ended up being a little stressed about money as my trip neared. I want to avoid that again in the future, so I'm planning to go on a bit of a spending freeze in September.

Here are the rules I've set for myself:

- I will only buying things I need (legitimately need, not just think I need) and things previously budgeted (such as my trip this weekend).

- No spontaneous Amazon or iTunes purchases (Prime and one-click ordering make it way too easy).

- Only eight meals out the entire month. (This includes takeout.)


None of these rules apply during my upcoming vacation, obviously.

Have you ever done a spending freeze?
Any advice or tips?

1 comment:

  1. Oh girl, I am so in the same boat right now. My rent came out this morning and I felt my stomach drop two floors :[ Thankfully I get paid this week, but I'm still on a freeze until I can get back to where I feel comfortable again!!! We can do this :)


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