Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Show Us Your Books: November

Life According to Steph

I knew my reading would slow down in November. I participated in National Novel Writing Month (and got about 10K words done) and was studying for an exam for my job. I'm pleased that I was able to finish two books despite everything else on my plate.

by Liane Moriarty
This book had so many characters and so many things going on, at times it was hard for me to follow. Mostly because I was only able to read in short bursts instead of long stretches. Eventually, though, it all wove together and there were some really interesting characters and story lines. I'm not sure any of the characters were especially likeable though.

by Britt Bennett

I sought out this book after a few reader bloggers I follow kept mentioning it. After reading it, I understand why it's been so heavily discussed. It's a fascinating story even if it's not a particularly happy one. There really aren't any bright spots in the book, but it gave me a lot to think about. And I breezed through it in just a few days because I had a hard time putting it down.


I'm currently behind schedule on my reading goal for the year. Guess I better get to turning those pages.


  1. The Mothers is on my list, I've heard amazing things. I liked The Last Anniversary but it wasn't my favourite of hers at all. I'm behind on my goodreads challenge as well. Oops!

  2. Someone else (Jana?) mentioned The Mothers and it went on the TBR. Thanks for the thoughts.

    1. I definitely reviewed it this month and I LOVED it.

  3. I'm on the waiting list for The Mothers, hopefully I will get it next month. I've heard so many great things about it. I read my first Liane Moriarty book last month and it was okay and I was expecting great. Boo!

  4. I'm not so patiently to get The Mothers from the library. I feel so behind all of the other book bloggers!

  5. I absolutely loved The Mothers. Excellent writing and a great story.

  6. So excited to read The Mothers this month-- I just got it from the library!

  7. The Mothers sounds like a really good read-adding it to my list!

  8. I receive amazon gift cards from my family every Christmas. The Mothers is going to be a purchase because it isn't at my library.

  9. I'll get to The Mothers, just because everyone loves it.
    I liked The Last Anniversary, but the audio (with all the narrators) was helpful.

  10. I've been meaning to read The Mothers for freaking ever now. I see it everywhere. I'm excited to get my hands on it, with all the glowing reviews!

    -- Dara || www.peoniesandhoneybees.com


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