Monday, January 9, 2017

Music Monday: New albums please!

New music from my favorites makes my ears and heart happy.

You already know I'm super excited about new songs from John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. Mayer's "Love on a Weekend" has been in constant rotation since it was released, and I haven't stopped listening to Ed's two new songs since last Friday. They're both incredible, and I can't wait to hear more. My boy, Tim Stop, will be releasing new music soon as well. I'm anxiously awaiting my early listen (from being a Kickstarter).

Here are a few more artists I want new music from this year:

Kacey Musgraves
The Christmas album was great, but Pageant Material was released in 2015, and now it's 2017. I need some more country sass in my life.

Matt Nathanson
This is a man who just improves with every album. Everything he's released is better than the last thing he released. Show Me Your Fangs is almost two years old. I'm ready for more.

Taylor Swift
I love me some T-Swift. I understand taking some time off after touring non-stop for 1989. She also had a relationship flame and fizzle since then. I'm ready to hear more songs about exes, friendships, and broken hearts.

I was obsessed with their debut album after I saw them open for Ed Sheeran in 2015. Now they seemed to have disappeared. Sad face.

Tony Lucca
He's kind of taken a break from touring, but I'm willing to bet he's still writing. And I want hear it.

I'd also love more music from Eric Hutchinson, Parachute, Ben Rector, Stephen Kellogg, and Miranda Lambert. But all of them released new (AND FANTASTIC) albums in 2016, so I'm letting them have a little bit of a breather.

Who would you love to hear new music from this year?

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