Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Sweats: Anyone can be an inspiration

In the decade or so that I've made physical activity a regular part of my life, I've had a lot of people say to me, "you inspire me."

Say what?

Even though I run, I'm not fast. It's not like I'm breaking any records or winning anything.

I look in the mirror and I see weight I want to get rid of and areas I want to tone.

I cannot do more than a few push-ups without stopping for a break.

Lunges are a struggle because my balance is crap.

Don't even get me started on burpees. I'm sure I look ridiculous when I'm attempting them.

So how am I inspiring people?

I don't really know for sure, but there are definitely people in my fitness classes that inspire me.  One woman does our intense classes twice a day (once is enough for me!). Another woman has awesome back and shoulders. Another has arms that cause envy. I follow bloggers who run marathons and are definitely much faster.

These people inspire me to work harder and push myself.  I'm sure none of them consider themselves an inspiration, but they are to me.

I guess it just shows you never know who's paying attention to you and who you might be motivating just by working on yourself.


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off

Monday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio)

Tuesday - Xtreme Revolution (barre) + 30-minute run

Wednesday -Xtreme Revolution (cardio)

Thursday - Xtreme Revolution (tabata)
Friday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio)
Saturday - Off

I'm sure Holly and Christy did awesome this week. Go check out their Sunday Sweats posts!


  1. Being inspired by someone doesn't always mean they are the BEST at it! I think you're inspiring because you continue to pursue workouts that you enjoy, that make you feel good, and you do them whether or not you're the best! That's all that matters. You've chosen to take care of yourself and have found ways to do so! THAT's inspiring. :)

  2. This is totally inspiring me to get back to the gym this week!

  3. I totally love this post, because I feel the same way!! People say I inspire them and I don't feel like I do most days--I am not a fast runner, I stop and walk a lot, and I can't seem to lose the weight and tone up like so many other women when they attempt the same workouts. But, nevertheless, I know I can inspire people so I keep going. YOU, my friend, are definitely an inspiration with your classes--I can't do that all the time, I like doing stuff on my own, but I know you love it so much and that's what inspired me to go to my Barre class more often!! :)

    Great job this week!!


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