Thursday, December 14, 2017

This & That 12/14

:: When we bought a Broadway season ticket package, we were mostly excited about "Hamilton" (which we'll be seeing in a few months). But I was probably equally excited about "Waitress." I love love love Sara Bareilles and have yet to see her perform live. Seeing people perform her music (yep, she wrote everything in the show) will do for now. It was a fantastic production -- lots of feels, great talent, perfect soundtrack.... oh yeah, and there were little jars of pie. Mmmm.

:: House cleaning tasks have become an afterthought this week. I'm still trying to recover from a busy weekend and also battling a bit of sickness that's trying to creep in. I don't have time for that!! Or for cleaning, it seems. Ugh.

:: We had a really mild fall. While I enjoyed not having to wear a coat for most of it, I was sad there was no gradual cool down. Instead, we're right into the cold. But that also means it's soup and stew weather. I plan to make a lot of them this winter. Do you have a favorite tried and true recipe?

:: As I mentioned last week, my best friend got married over the weekend. It was a beautiful and fun event. No wedding is without hiccups, but the bride and groom handled them perfectly and the festivities were a success.
Of course beers happened!!

What's on your mind this week?

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