Thursday, December 7, 2017

This & That 12/7

:: Sean and I decorated for Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's not our first holiday season together, but it's our first while living together. It's gone pretty smoothly so far. Even with my Type A tendencies. He handles them pretty well.

:: At the time we decorated, our fireplace was not functional. It worked when we moved in last March, but when I went to turn it on last month, nothing happened. The pilot light was on, but it just wouldn't ignite. I googled some possible solutions because I didn't want to call a technician if it was an easy fix. As it turns out, it was a super easy and cheap fix. I spent $11 at Lowe's on a steel brush, some steel wool, and some sandpaper. I used those things (mostly the brush) to clean off the thermopile, which converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Voila!! We have fire!!

:: It's finally time for Christmas music. The 'N Sync holiday station on Pandora is a favorite. The Boyz II Men holiday station is a close second.

:: My best friend is getting married this weekend. I'm so excited to share in her special day and celebrate all weekend. She is truly one of my favorite people in the world, and I'm so happy she found someone who appreciates how awesome she is.

:: Last weekend, after said best friend's hair and makeup trial run, we checked out a new place downtown. They had some delicious-sounding craft cocktails. I went with the holiday mule, which was fantastic. But I was reminded why I don't go downtown very much -- PARKING. It sucks.

What's on your mind this week?


  1. Great job on the fireplace! According to Insta, it looks like you had a great time celebrating this weekend. :)


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