Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites: Podcasts

Some days, I'm in the mood for music while I work. Other days, I prefer to listen to people talk. Here are three of the podcasts for which I never skip an episode.

I want to have a beer with Nick and The Captain. And pick their brain about how they do research for each episode. They are always so well-prepared with the facts and some theories. I'm curious about their process.

I love food. I love history. This podcast explores the history of various foods. It's no surprise I love this podcast. I think my favorite episode so far was the one about brunch. Come to think of it, there hasn't been a new episode in a long time. I might have to check my subscription and make sure it's working (iTunes does some weird things sometimes).

Most of her episodes are 20 minutes or less, which makes them very easy listens. Also, I relate to Kelly so much. Our running feelings and thoughts seem to be very similar. She's far more ambitious (currently working to qualify for the Boston Marathon), but she has had a lot of the same struggles about how she feels about herself and her running. Her podcasts are like a high five on the race route. They really inspire me.

I have a lot of true crime. I would like to find some good motivational/self-help ones. Maybe some about writing. Any suggestions? What podcasts are on your must-listen list?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I listened to several Foodstuff episodes today.
    Have you tried All the Books or Stuff Mom Never Told You?
    Scott really likes Atlanta Monster right now too.


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