Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Sweats: Running the Bulldog Double

The Drake Relays are a grand running tradition in Iowa. They're even a bit of a big deal nationally -- if you're into the whole track and field thing. The week always starts with road races. I have volunteered at water stations in the past, but I decided to participate this year. I could not have picked a better year. The weather was perfect, and it was the 50th anniversary. Milestones are fun.

On Sunday, I did the 5K. I wasn't sure how my body would react to the early start time of 7:45 a.m. All of my runs so far this spring have been in the evening. Thankfully, my body didn't put up much protest. None, really. I felt good right out of the gate. OK, so I was a bit annoyed at having to dodge the walkers (kudos to them for participating, but I wish they'd make sure they were behind people who want to RUN the race).

I usually start out slow, but I tried to push myself a little in the first mile this time. It worked and I settled into a nice pace. Somewhere in the middle of mile two, I realized I might be pushing too hard -- I wanted to save some for the last stretch on the famous blue oval -- so I slowed a bit. There were familiar faces all along the race course, which definitely helped keep me motivated. Once I hit the blue track, I started really legging it out, giving everything I had left. The result was a very nice time.

Not a PR, but definitely a time that made me happy.

Two days later, I ran the Grand Blue Mile, which is a newer Drake Relays tradition. It's just what it sounds like -- a mile-long race. This one is in downtown Des Moines, so parking was a bit of a headache, but thankfully I left myself enough time to get down there. I arrived at the grounds around 5:45 p.m. It took me a bit to find the start line, but eventually I did.

When we started lining up, I went to the middle of the pack per usual. The race announcer advised walkers to go towards the back, but naturally, most didn't listen to this. I had seven people in jeans in front of me. Sigh. Seriously, this is one of my race pet peeves. I'm still working on getting over it because obviously it's never going to change.

The gun sounded and we were off. Since this was only a mile, I decided to really go all out, empty the tank, so to speak. Navigating around the walkers hindered my progress a bit, but I still finished faster than my goal. My official time was 9:28.97. I'm pretty sure my smile says it all.

By finishing both races, I received a special Bulldog Double medal to go with my 5K medal.

It's safe to say my race season is off to a good start. I might get that PR this year!!!


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Drake Relays Road Races 5K
Monday - FitFusion (60 mins)
Tuesday - Total Body Strength (30 mins) + Grand Blue Mile
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 4-mile outdoor run
Friday - Flex Friday (30 mins)
Saturday - Off

I forced myself to take Wednesday off. It was not easy as I don't like to break routine, but I definitely needed it. I try to remind myself that rest is good for the body too.

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