Monday, April 30, 2018

Music Monday: All About 'N Sync

Today, 'N Sync finally gets their star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's rather appropriate that it's happening on April 30 because ...

Sorry, I had to.

This achievement has been a long time coming, and it took a sizeable campaign to get it done. I'm so excited for the guys and jealous of anyone who got to visit the pop-up shop in L.A. over the weekend.

As most people who know me can attest, I am a huge 'N Sync fan. I was integrated into the fandom rather easily after watching JC and Justin on "MMC" ("The New Mickey Mouse Club") in the 90s. I had sent JC a fan letter sometime during the show, and as a result, I received a flyer about their showcase performance in Orlando in 1995. Thanks to some networking (pen pals), I was able to get my hands on some of their early recordings (bootleg, of course), and I wasted no time picking up their debut album.

My first 'N Sync concert was at a county fair in Wisconsin in the August of 1998. I ended up seeing them seven more times during their run as a group. I went to one meet and greet as well, however they didn't allow us to take photos with them at that time, so I don't have any photographic evidence. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Somewhere in my parents' house, there are a few Rubbermaid tubs full of all of my 'N Sync memorabilia. I met two of my best friends indirectly because of 'N Sync. I have a tattoo related to the band.

I am still a fan. Probably always will be.

I was very disappointed when the group disbanded. Mostly because it came without warning. I would have loved one final album and farewell tour. But ... that wasn't meant to be. 

In honor of their special day, I'm offering up my five favorite 'N Sync songs. Trust me, choosing five was not easy.

Bonus Tracks (two from the Christmas album):

Happy 'N Sync Day!!

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